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What is Beach Tennis

"A mix of beach volleyball, tennis and badminton."

Court Size and Equipment


- Beach tennis is played as singles or doubles

- Regulation net height is 5 ft. 8 inch high

- Width of an official Beach Tennis court is 26 1/4 ft. (8 meters) for doubles.

- Length of an official Beach Tennis court is 52 1/2 ft. (16 meters) for doubles.

- Beach Tennis Paddle are made of either carbon or fiber glass with a core foam middle. Max length is 50cm. Typical weight is 330g-360 grams.

- Beach tennis balls are similar to a Stage 2 tennis ball. Is typically orange and yellow (a few additional colors are approved) and weight roughly 37-40 grams.

How to Play the Game:


The rules of beach tennis are similar to those of regular tennis.

- Scoring is 15-30-40 with no advantage; at 40-40 (deuce) next point wins.

- Lets are in play

- One serve is allowed per point.

- The ball does NOT hit the sand. If it does, the volley is over and a point is awarded.

- If the ball strikes the line in any way the shot is good

- No part of a player's body or his/her equipment may touch the net or cross the plane of the net (over or under). If it does, that player's team will lose the point being played.

- The player serving must stay behind the base line while serving. If any part of a player's body touches the base line in his/her service motion before hitting the ball, it is considered a foot fault and the serving team will lose the point

- Only one hit is allowed to get the ball over the net; in doubles, you may not pass the ball to your partner.

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