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What is SOLAR

Expanding the reach of the sports we love

We are the only brand launched in the US with the main goal in mind, to introduce as many new players to the sports we love as possible. We are the only brand focused on our community of players growing strong and bringing the best paddles out there to enhance their individual playing styles. 


What is Beach Tennis?

To start, the sport originated in the 1970s in Ravenna, Italy and is now widely played all over Italy, Brazil, Japan and now the US. 

It's played on a sand court, similar to beach volleyball court at roughly 52 feet by 26 feet. The net is set at 5'7'' (so lower than a volleyball net) with smaller mesh (so that the ball won't go through)

Beach Tennis Equipment:

- Beach Tennis Paddles: Similar shape to a tennis racket, but it's a paddle with no strings. Instead the paddles are typically made of carbon-fiber or fiberglass and have an EVA foam core. 

- Beach Tennis Ball: A stage two yellow and orange tennis ball (the ball has half the pressure as a regular tennis ball)

Beach Tennis Rules

Serving: One player will serve for an entire game (first to 4 points). Player can serve from anywhere behind the baseline. A ball may hit the net and still count during the serve. If a player faults during the serve, a point is awarded to the other team (there is no second serve). 

Points: A game is played to four points, scored 15, 30, 40, Game. There is no add in scoring (like there is in tennis). 

Game, Set, Match: A game, as said above, is played to 4 points (no advantage. A set is won by first team to win 6 games (must win by two) and a match is won by first team to win two sets (so best of three). 

Game Play: The ball is hit once per side before having to be returned over to the other team's side.  

For the Beaches 

we play on

We're all part of this solar system

SOLAR has two very important missions, first to teach as many people around the world and in the US about the sport of beach tennis, and second to clean up the beautiful beaches our sport is played on. We partner with beach clean up organizations across Southern California to clean up along our coast lines and shores as well as introduce beach tennis to an entirely new audience of players.

Stay with us

Soon we'll be posting our beach clean up schedule online and on our social media platforms. Follow along to make sure you don't miss one happening nearby.