Space Travel

Our Best Force Field

Our Space Travel paddle takes a player to a total new galaxy of power and defense. The heavier weight of the paddle and the mid-soft core allows for players to show more strength when defending power strikes as well as providing strong smashes back to opponents on offense. Our 3k carbon face provides power without compromising control or adding too much weight - ideal for keeping serves at top speed.

Our flagship Quest Hole System provides the optimal mix to cut down on wind resistance when playing and optimizing the size of the sweet spot in the center.

Length: 50cm | Profile: 21mm | Weight: 350g-360g | Balance: 26cm hard | Face: 3k Carbon | Frame: 100% Carbon | EVA: Mid Soft | Hole System: Quest

Player's notes: An amazing all over and well rounded paddle. The frame feels solid and provides a strong return and steady control. Wouldn't be known for having massive "pop" but is not a soft paddle. A very consistent playing paddle that preforms well on offense and defense.