Retro Prism

Power & Control

Fully gritted and ready to go. Retro Prism was designed to give the player a large middle sweet spot for strong return volleys and finisher hits while not giving up any control or touch on those lovely drops.

Length: 50cm | Profile: 21mm | Weight: 335g-345g | Balance: 26cm hard | Face: 3k Carbon | Frame: 100% Carbon | EVA: Super Soft | Hole System: Outline-2

Player's Notes: Has excellent "pop" and a solid sweet spot in the middle of the paddle. The grit on the sides of the paddle has actually saved player's balls when you face that occasional miss-hit. The grit on the sides down towards the handle is bothersome to some players but some don't mind - it reminds them to keep their paddle up and to keep their form. This paddle plays heavy but is still relatively light.