The Alves

A Mecca of Paddle:

The Alves Pro Level Beach Tennis paddle is ready to perform. Its heavier weight (360g) provides steady power and defense for those who wield it. It reacts great to fast-coming serves and smashes to allow for optimal defense while our large-sized orbital grip provides that extra grip and spin on the ball to ensure you're placing any defensive drop or lob exactly where you'd like. 


Length: 50cm | Profile: 22mm | Weight: 360g | Balance: 26cm middle | Face: 3k Carbon | Frame: 100% Carbon | Foam Core: Mid Soft | Hole System: Quest  | Finish: High Gloss with Orbital Grit


The grit on the overhead lets you really come down with the spin you need to trick out opponents.

    **please note this paddle does not come with a paddle bag.