Journey to Mars

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Creation Story

Journey to Mars with us as Titus leads our first group of pioneers to the red planet with the mission to make Mars their home. Titus, an alchemic botanist, brings with her new concepts of vegetation and sunlight to help condition the planet for human beings. Her pinnacle achievement - so far - is crafting the “Flora” species of plants designed to live and prosper on Mars alongside her manufactured sunshine. Flora will feed the planet with the start of oxygen and vegetation.

Little do they know…Titus also brought on board the start of a new sport for the planet…a carbon fiber paddle and wool tennis ball…

Never heard of beach tennis?

In short - think beach volleyball mixed with tennis. Click the video to watch a few clips of the sport.

How to Play Beach Tennis

- Beach tennis is played as singles or doubles.

- A game is first to win 4 p

- A set is first to win 6 games, win by two.

- A match is best of 3 sets.

- Scoring a game is 15-30-40 -Game

- There is no advantage (deuce point) at 40-4, next point wins the game.

The Serve:

- One serve is allowed per point.

- Lets are in play.

- In mixed-doubles, men serve underhand.

How To Score

- The player serving must stay behind the base line while serving.

- The server can serve any where to the opposing team (it does not have to be diagonal).

- To get the ball over the net you can only hit the ball once. For example; in doubles you may not pass the ball to your partner like you do in beach volleyball.

- Once the ball hits the sand a point is awarded. If a ball lands on the opposing team's side in-bounds you are awarded a point and vise-versa.

Time to grab a paddle and play!


In the game of beach tennis there are two elements used when determining which side you'll start - the wind and the sun. We choose the sun as our element and brand inspiration for it's beauty and strength in how it powers everything around us. It's that power we infuse into everything we do for the world of paddle sports.