Who is SOLAR?

Changing the game for players in the USA.

Origin Story

SOLAR started on the sands of Southern California. We were born with the belief that a paddle should be a true extension of the player. With that in mind, we crafted every detail of our paddles - from the select carbon fiber, to the frame, heart, core and phenomenal art, to ensure you connect with your paddle in every way possible.

What makes us different.

We get our name from the sun. There are mainly two things players take into account when choosing a side to start a match - the sun and the wind. Solar’s origin comes from the sun - one of the strongest influence on our earth there is. From there, we choose to design our paddles either with a earthly hippie trait (how the sun looks to us here on earth) or a spacey trippy trait (how the sun looks within the solar system).


To build the best paddles in the universe while leveling and protecting the playing field for all.

We aim to be the first sport played on Mars. That's right - and that's why you see we make paddles that are out of this world.


For all players to feel included, equally represented and fairly compensated, no matter which beautiful planet.

We support all our players and provid and promote equal opportunity for play time, sponsorship levels and more.


Every thing we do for our paddles is completely custom and hands on. From the mould we specifically designed for play performance to the carbon, foam core and finish - we have paid attention to every detail so that you get the best play experience possible.


We approach our paddle art completely unique from other brands in the space. This is because we want your paddle to have a true connection with you - and paddle art helps represents that to us. No more standard sport designs - lean into what art resonates with you.


We wouldn’t want to do it without. We put a trtemendus focus on our community specifically here in the US where the sport is growing the most. We want to foster our Beach Tennis roots here in the US to support US players in the space that love the game just as much as we do.


That’s right boys and girls - the only woman-owned and operated beach tennis brand in the space and we are proud.

Product experts and have been in the beach tennis space for years - SOLAR has been developing our paddles for 3+ years and we’ll continue to push the boundaries of the solar system and beyond to bring you the best paddle experience out there.

SOLAR is focused on representing both male and female athletes equally. It is our vision for all players to feel included, equally represented and fairly compensated, no matter which beautiful planet.


Who is SOLAR?

We craft paddles as a true extension of a player. We use the highest quality foam core, carbon fiber, custom moulds and purposeful art to create a paddle experience that is out of this world.