Quality & Craftsmanship

Paddles made for the players.

We started with a small mission in mind, make paddles that resonated with different "play-styles". If you're a heavy-hitter, crazy with control or defend till the end, we design paddles that help you shine the way you want to on the court. We call it, "the search for the perfect paddle" and it's our goal to educate you on what our paddles have and why your game needs it.

Light yet strong. We use 3k carbon on the face of our paddles to keep the weight light without sacrificing on power.
Innovative on thin. Our thin 20cm profile is pushing boundaries. It keeps the feel of the paddle similar to a tennis racquet and provides incredible control.
High quality eva foam. We use the highest quality black-EVA that is lush. It springs back after each impact, fully ready for the next.

Built on Community.

We are growing grassroots. We do this by focusing on our communities along the way through inclusivity and inviting new players to try the sport we know they'll soon love. The goal is to grow the players of beach and pop tennis in the USA and around the world and we want a place where all players feel welcomed to get out and hit.

Hear what others are saying about Solar.


Not only do I love the design, the feel and playability was exactly what I'm looking for.

- Julia from San Diego, CA


I never grew up playing many racquet sports but after trying beach tennis with a Solar paddle, I fell in love.

- Sarah from Los Angeles, CA

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