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What is Beach Tennis

Beach tennis started in Italy in the 1970s and has grown in popularity around the world - mainly Italy, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Spain and now the US.

It’s typically played as doubles using the same size court as a beach volleyball court - although the net is shorter at 5’8’’.

It’s scored similar to tennis but there is no ad at 40 all. One serve (lets are allowed and no second serves).

You play the sport with a carbon fiber (or fiber glass) paddle along with a beach tennis ball (we make ours with 45% wool - oh so soft) which is similar to a stage 2 tennis ball.

Beach Tennis has a very easy learning curve, it’s easy to pick up and get rallies going on day one. Grab yourself a set up and we’ll see you on the sand!



We craft paddles as a true extension of a player. We use the highest quality foam core, carbon fiber, custom moulds and purposeful art to create a paddle experience that is out of this world.