Found across the globe, but connected in community. Our #teamSOLAR features the highest class athletes in the game.

  • Taylor Witt

    Based in San Diego, CA Taylor has been ranked the number one men's player in US and continues to play professionally across the US.

  • Carolina Hannes

    The top ranked women's player in the US and 31st in the world, Carolina lives in Santa Monica, CA where she also runs the largest beach tennis academy in the state.

  • Yiannis Toumazis

    The top ranked player in Great Britain, Yiannis lives in Cyprus where he helps to grow the sport of beach tennis and travels to compete around the world.

  • Gustavo Vieira Hara

    Gustavo coaches and plays professionally in Brazil, currently ranked #332. He has passion and shows true art when he's out on the court.

  • Chauncey Koolman

    From Miami, FL where the sport is growing the fastest in the US. Chauncey is an up and coming player who cannot and will not be stopped.

  • Gustavo Ferreira

    An up and coming Brazilian player, Gustavo has taken gold in Junior tournaments which is paving his way for the pro scene.

  • Lior Brik

    Originally from Isreal but now located in Miami, FL Lior represents the US as one of our top players.

  • Naveen Beasley

    Crossing over from D1 tennis, Naveen is based in Los Angeles, CA and plays both professional beach tennis and pickleball

  • Dyvand Koolman

    Based in the Netherlands, Dyvand coaches and plays professionally. He grows the sport of beach tennis locally through his academy.

  • Vicky Beatriz

    Located in Miami, FL Vicky help represent the women's team and is an active member in the Miami Beach Tennis community.

  • Beto Osorio

    Originally from Venezula, Beto "Dude" is now located San Diego where he plays professionally and owns his own academy.

  • Tanner Suard

    Originally from Southern California and now lives and is growing beach tennis in San Franciso. Tanner is one of the top US players and is primed to have a phenominal beach tennis career.