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The Alves

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A Mecca of Paddle:

The Alves Pro Level Beach Tennis paddle is ready to perform. Its heavier weight (360g) provides steady power and defense for those who wield it. It reacts great to fast-coming serves and smashes to allow for optimal defense while our large-sized orbital grip provides that extra grip and spin on the ball to ensure you're placing any defensive drop or lob exactly where you'd like. 


Length: 50cm | Profile: 22mm | Weight: 360g | Balance: 26cm middle | Face: 3k Carbon | Frame: 100% Carbon | Foam Core: Mid Soft | Hole System: Quest  | Finish: High Gloss with Orbital Grit


The grit on the overhead lets you really come down with the spin you need to trick out opponents.

    **please note this paddle does not come with a paddle bag. 

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    That's what Solar is all about. We're sharing the love through beach tennis and hope to inspire other to spread love and be kind in their own way.

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    Beach Tennis Ball - Stage 2 ITF




    The absolute best paddles in the solar system.

    The SOLAR Difference

    Every detail matters when working with sports equipment. We’ve prepared for every angle from the custom heart of the paddle to the foam core and the custom finishes.

    Carbon Fiber

    We use carbon fiber in both the frame and face of the paddle - ensuring you have the highest quality and most accurate touch in the game.

    Ultra Thin Profile

    Our slimmer profile advances the game by giving you superior touch and control. Paired with our carbon face, you have the ultimate weapon.

    Mid-Soft EVA Foam

    The highest quality foam that is squishy but rebounds after each hit provide a clean and even hit within the sweet spot as well as the outer edges of the paddle.

    SOLAR’s Mission & Vision

    To build the best paddles in the universe while leveling and protecting the playing field for all.

    It’s out vision for all players to feel included, equally represented and fairly compensated, no matter which beautiful planet.

    Who is SOLAR?

    We craft paddles as a true extension of a player. We use the highest quality foam core, carbon fiber, custom moulds and purposeful art to create a paddle experience that is out of this world.